Perfumes List for Men

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What is fm world UK? All FM World perfumes are original and FM perfumes smell perhaps similar to famous brand perfumes.
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New Perfumes for Men 2023

FM 727 ~ Uomo Born in Roma Yellow Dream
FM 728 ~ Luna Rossa Ocean Prada

FM 859 ~ Eau Givree Terre d'Hermes

FM 504 ~ Le Gemme Orom Bvlgari
FM 948 ~ Tears From The Moon Gucci
FM 949 ~ Tobacco Mandarin Byredo
FM 950 ~ De Los Santos Byredo

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PURE FM Perfumes for Men

All FM World PURE perfumes are original, and their smell is just similar to famous brand perfumes. Perfumes come in a beautiful yet simple bottle and contain 20% perfume concentration.

FM 43 ~ Energise HB
FM 52 ~ Bottled
FM 54 ~ Hugo HB
FM 55 ~ Orange HB
FM 57 ~ Lacost Homme
FM 64 ~ Black Code Giorgio Armani
FM 93 ~ Chrome Azaro
FM 110 ~ La Male Jean Paul Gaultier
FM 134 ~ Acqua di Gio
FM 135 ~ Aqva pour Homme Bvlgari
FM 224 ~ Black XS Paco Rabanne
FM 452 ~ Sport Extrem Allure Homme
FM 457 ~ Invictus
FM 465 ~ Scandal for man
FM 466 ~ Antidote Viktor & Rolf
FM 471 ~ 1 Million Prive
FM 472 ~ Aventus Creed
FM 473 ~ Savage
FM 474 ~ pour Homme K
FM 475 ~ Allure pour Homme
FM 478 ~ Tonic Bottled
FM 479 ~ Absolu Acqua Di Gio
FM 480 ~ Pour Homme Versach
FM 481 ~ Uomo F
FM 482 ~ Silver Olibanum Edgardio Chilini
FM 483 ~ Infinite Bottled
FM 490 ~ Rush Extreme Michael Kors
FM 494 ~ Intense Wow
FM 495 ~ Water Cool Intense
FM 496 ~ Bottled 2020
FM 497 ~ K DG
FM 498 ~ Explorer Mont Blanc
FM 704 ~ Wanted Azzaro
FM 705 ~ L.12.12 Blanc Lacoste
FM 718 ~ Now HB
FM 719 ~ The One Intense
FM 720 ~ Le Beau JPG
FM 721 ~ Night Vision Spicebomb

PURE Royal FM Perfumes for Man

Pure Royal perfume list men's. Pure Royal perfume numbers, list, catalog for man.

FM 151 ~ L'Homme YSL
FM 152 ~ Pour Homme Gucci
FM 160 ~ Essential Lacoste
FM 169 ~ Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana
FM 195 ~ The One for Men
FM 198 ~ G by G Homme
FM 199 ~ One Million Paco Rabane
FM 300 ~ Homme Sport D
FM 301 ~ Only The Brave
FM 326 ~ Bottled Night
FM 327 ~ Bleu de Chanel for man
FM 332 ~ Polo Blue Sport
FM 334 ~ Terre D'Hermes
FM 335 ~ Oud Wood Tom Ford
FM 812 ~ Sensual Skin Trawinski
FM 813 ~ J'Ose Eisenberg
FM 814 ~ 212 VIP Black
FM 815 ~ Pure XS Paco Rabanne
FM 821 ~ 1 Million Lucky
FM 822 ~ Y YSL
FM 823 ~ Fucking Fabulous Tom Ford
FM 824 ~ Homme Cologne Dior
FM 830 ~ Code Absolu Giorgio Armani
FM 831 ~ Iceberg Homme
FM 832 ~ Gentleman Givenchy
FM 837 ~ Bad Boy Carolina Herrera
FM 838 ~ Man Wood Neroli Bvlgari
FM 839 ~ Stronger With You Armani Emporio
FM 840 ~ TF for Man
FM 849 smells like Guilty Love Gucci

All FM World Royal Unisex perfumes are original, and their smell is just similar to famous brand perfumes. Pure Royal perfume list unisex. What’s a unisex perfumes? Unisex perfumes is that it’s not bound to a specific gender or specific fragrant notes. Unisex perfumes is such perfumes, that striking a balance between the masculine and feminine fragrance notes.

Perfume unisex collection

FM 900 ~ Lost Cherry Tom Ford
FM 901 perfume smells like Costa Azura
FM 905 smells like Pomegranate Noir
FM 906 inspired by Tobacco Vanille
FM 907 Perfume 02 Molecule
FM 908 perfume smells like White Patchouli
FM 909 inspired by Orchid Velvet
FM 910 Rouge 540
FM 911 Perfume Mandarin Lime Basil
FM 912 perfume smells like Neroli Basil
FM 913 smells like Blanc Soleil
FM 914 inspired by Sea Salt Wood Sage
FM 915 Perfume Bluebell Wild
FM 916 perfume smells like Freesia English Pear
FM 917 smells like Orange Blossom
FM 918 inspired by Poppy & Barley
FM 919 Perfume Willow & Amber
FM 921 smells like Fleur Portofino
FM 922 inspired by Jasmin Rouge
FM 925 smells like Grey Vetiver
FM 926 inspired by Tuscan Leather
FM 929 smells like Peony Blush
FM 930 inspired by Velvet Rose Oud
FM 931 Perfume Histoires de Parfums
FM 933 smells like Lavender Coriander
FM 934 inspired by Malachite Prive Vert
FM 935 Perfume Ambre Eccentrico
FM 937 smells like Passione Si
FM 938 Perfume Smells Donna Born Roma
FM 939 Perfume Hibiscus Yellow
FM 943 Perfume Smells Le Jour se Leve
FM 970 Perfume Velvet Flowers
FM 974 Perfume Black Aoud
FM 977 inspired by Classic No 77
FM 978 Perfume White Sued
FM 980 smells like Soleil Neige
FM 981 inspired by Acqua Neroli Portofino
FM 982 Perfume Sole di Positano
FM 984 smells like Has Gun Pear
FM 985 inspired by Honeysuckle In Bloom
FM 987 perfume smells like Aqua Universalis
FM 988 smells like Prive Bleu Turquoise
FM 989 inspired by Mariage Flowerbomb
FM 990 Perfume Amethyste Cuir
FM 991 Perfume smells like 46 Vetiver
FM 992 Smells like Vodka on Rocks
FM 993 inspired by Peach Bitter
FM 996 smells like 36 Neroli

Paco Rabanne Black XS
FM45 Perfumes Smells Like
David Beckham Instinct
Davidoff Echo
Davidoff Cool Water
Giorgio Armani Emporio
FM62 Perfumes Smells Like
FM63 Perfumes Smells Like
Joop! Joop Homme
Giorgio Armani Attitude
FM68 Perfumes Smells Like
Baldessarini Ambre
Zegna Intenso
Joop! Go
Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir
Calvin Klein One
Lalique Encre Noire
Calvin Klein In2U for Him
Dunhill Pursuit
Davidoff Echo for Man
Jill Sander Sander For Men
Davidoff Cool Water Game
Ermenegildo Zegna Z Zegna
Zegna Essenza di Zegna
Bruno Banani Pure Man
FM119 - Federico Mahora Spectrum
FM120 - Federico Mahora Silvermoon
Moschino Friends Men
Azzaro Silver Black / Onyx
Hugo Boss Soul for Men
Tommy Hilfiger True Star Men
Giorgio Armani Emporio Remix for Him
Christian Lacroix Tumulte pour Homme
Calvin Klein Euphoria Men
Prada Prada Pour Homme
Ralph Lauren Polo Black
Laura Biagiotti Due Uomo
Hugo Boss Boss Selection
Cacharel Amor pour Homme
Gucci Pour Homme II
Givenchy Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude
Kenzo Tokyo
FM189 Perfumes Smells Like
Cerruti Cerruti Pour Homme
Estee Lauder Intuition
Escada Moon Sparkle for Men
Azzaro Chrome Legend
Davidoff Adventure
Guerlain Homme
FM207 Perfumes Smells Like
FM208 Perfumes Smells Like
David Beckham Signature for Him
FM210 Perfumes Smells Like
Hugo Boss Boss in Motion White
Calvin Klein Free
David Beckham Signature Story
Lanvin L'Homme Sport
Dolce Gabbana La Lune 18 (unisex)
FM225 Perfumes Smells Like
FM226 Perfumes Smells Like
Davidoff Hot Water
FM302 Perfumes Smells Like
Davidoff Cool Water Game
Calvin Klein One
FM450 Perfumes Smells Like
FM451 Perfumes Smells Like
FM454 Perfumes Smells Like
FM455 Perfumes Smells Like
Choose a great gift for yourself or your beloved husband, friend, father. Perfume is a nice gift for Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, such a gift you will make loved ones happy, but sometimes you can give it without any occasion. To buy your favorite perfume or give it as a gift has never been so easy.


  1. Hi,
    Any ideea what fragrance equivalent are the pure royal 812,813,814 and 815?
    Thanks in advance.
    • FM812 - Trawinski Sensual Skin
      FM813 ~ Eisenberg J'Ose
      FM814 - Carolina Herrera 212-VIP-Black
      FM815 ~ Paco Rabanne Pure XS
  2. Anything on the old Valentino V for men
    • All "FM World" perfumes, which they have are up to the dash.
      But sometime fragrances can be removed from the trade or it may be that the perfumes is not in stock at the moment.
    • 478,479,480
  3. Do they have an alternative for the Issey Miyake Majeur for men?
    • No. They don't
    • Hi,
      Any ideea what fragrance equivalent are the pure royal 817,818,819, 820, 821, 822, 823 and 824?
      Thanks in advance.
    • 817 - Armani - Because its you - Womens
      818 - Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia - Womens
      819 - Bottega Veneta - Womens
      820 - Pco Rabanne Pure XS for Her - Womens
      821 - Paco Rabanne One Million Lucky - Mens
      822 - YSL Y - Mens
      823 - Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous - Mens
      824 - Dior Homme Cologne - Mens
  4. Do we have any fragance equivalent for the terre d'evasion ? Thanks
  5. Any equivalent for Tom Ford Santal Blush, thanks
    • There's only Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous and Tom Ford Oud Wood right now.
  6. Anything for Prada Luna Rosa?
    • Nothing at this time.
  7. Which brand are 413,436,472,366,809and 823
    • 413,436,366,809 are womens fragrance.
    • 413 - Lancome - La Vie Est Belle
      436 - Paco Rabanne Olympea - Womens
      472 - Creed Aventus - Mens
      366 - YSL Black Opium - Womens
      809 - Tom Ford Black Orchid - Womens
      823 - Tom Ford Fucking Faabulous - Mens
  8. is there only the one creed that is close? thanks in advance
    • Now, only the one pefume for men, that is close Creed
  9. Can any one help me if any one knows which wll be close to creed.
  10. Can anyone help with what FM358 & FM703 are please?
    • 358 is yves saint Laurent manifesto 703 is Givenchy ange out demon le secret xx
  11. What the similar smell with fahrenheit dior
    • FM56 ~ Christian Dior Fahrenheit
  12. Hi,
    Any ideea what fragrance equivalent are 447, 448, 449,372, 901,902,903,904,825,826,827,828,829 and men collection 830,831,832,481,482,483?
    Thanks in advance.
  13. is there anything equivalent to daisy
  14. Hi does anyone know what 831 is equivalent too above it says home but others say its monte blanc
  15. Hi what's the equivalent for801 thanks
    • Dior Miss Dior 2017
  16. any fragrance like clinique Happy for men please
  17. Hi, is there anything that's equivalent for Gucci Rush for men?
  18. hey, do you know what the FM number for estee lauder aramis is??
    • Hi. The full list of FM perfumes are posted at the top.
  19. Any idea, what new FM fragrance equivalent for men are the Pure Royal 849 and Pure collection for men 494, 495, 496, 497, 498.
    Thanks advance.
  20. HI... Is there a Perfume Equivalence or something similar to 'Salvatore Ferragamo - Uomo Signature'??

    Or something of a similar fragrance to it?
    • Uomo Signature for an older more mature crowd as well. If you like leather perfume, then enter the word "leather" in the search field and you will find leather perfumes.
  21. Any idea what the following as simular to in the new catalogue 35 please.
    Pure Royal Parfum Unisex 978, 980, 981, 982, 983, 986, 988
  22. 978 = Tom Ford White Suede
    980 = Tom Ford Soleil Neige
    981 = Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua
    982 = Tom Ford Sole Di Positano
  23. 499 = DKNY Delicious Delights Dreamsicle
    501 = Tom Ford Rose Prick
    983 = Marc Jacobs Perfect
    988 = Giorgio Armini Prive Blue Turquoise
  24. 984 = Juliette Has A Gun Pear Inc
    987 = House Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis
  25. Can you tell me if there is an equivalent to Ralph's Club by Ralph Lauren from FM please?
    • All FM World perfumes that are on the market are up to the dash. Full FM perfume list to the dash
    • All FM Perfume lists to the dash? What is the Dash?
  26. Anyone try 904 ? I think it's not similar Le Labo Santal 33. It's too different with S33. I hope that someone help me recognize which perfume similar 904 is
  27. Hi
    Do you any perfume similar to Louis vuitton OMBRE NOMADE?

  28. Does anyone know if there is a version of Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Man - TIA