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I get a lot of comments about different types of insurance, so I decided to create a section on different types of insurance in five country. The types of insurance in the following countries: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. FM World sign up

What insurances do you need in the UK?

Private insurance in the UK

How to find cheap car insurance near me? Car insurance. Home insurance. Social insurance. Health insurance. Dental insurance. Life insurance. Motorbike insurance. Unemployment insurance. Travel insurance.

Commercial insurance in the UK

Public liability insurance. Employers’ liability insurance. Professional indemnity insurance. Building insurance. Contents insurance.

Find out what types of insurance are compulsory in the UK and what extra protection you will need to protect your lifestyle and family if you move to the country. The UK insurance industry is huge, so there are many comparison sites where consumers can compare different insurance providers in areas such as UK healthcare, home insurance or car insurance.

What types of insurance are in USA?

A common typology of insurance in the United States is to divide the Business and private persons insurance policies. Insurance, generally, is a contract in which the insurer agrees to compensate or indemnify another part for specified loss or damage to a specified thing from certain perils or risks in exchange for a fee. There are two broad types of insurance: Life Insurance. General Insurance.

US Insurance policies for private persons:

Travel insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance, Auto/Motor insurance, Property insurance, Casualty insurance, Long-term disability insurance Home insurance, Fire Insurance
Business insurance can help pay the costs of property damage, lawsuits, lost business income, and other covered losses.

US Insurance policies for businesses to consider:

General liability insurance, Commercial property insurance, Business personal property insurance, Business income insurance, Professional liability insurance, Workers’ compensation insurance, Data breach insurance, Commercial umbrella insurance, Commercial auto insurance, Commercial flood insurance, Employment practices liability, Multinational insurance, Home-based business insurance.

What types of insurance are in Canada?

Insurance is a contract, called a policy, between you and an insurance provider, under which you can be compensated for certain losses. You pay a fee called a premium. In exchange, the insurance company agrees to pay you a certain amount of money if the event you are insured against happens during the term of the policy. Refer to the following for the different types of insurance and offered within Canada.

Types of private persons insurance in Canada:

Life insurance, Health insurance, Travel medical Insurance, Property insurance, Vehicle insurance, Home insurance, Canada visitors Insurance, Credit or debt insurance.

Types of business insurance in Canada:

Commercial property insurance, General liability insurance, Professional liability insurance, Commercial auto insurance, Cybersecurity insurance, Key person insurance, Directors and officers insurance, Crime insurance, Business interruption insurance.

What types of insurance are in Australia?

Australia's insurance market can be divided into roughly two components: personal insurance and business insurance.

There are a few types of personal insurance in Australia:

Life insurance,  General insurance, Health insurance, Travel insurance, Personal accident insurance, Car insurance, Landlord protection insurance, Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance, Critical illness insurance and income protection cover

There are a few types of business insurance in Australia:

The types of policies commonly included in business insurance are outlined below.  It is vital that you talk with a number of insurance companies or insurance brokers to find the most appropriate insurance for your business.
Compulsory insurance, Professional indemnity insurance, Portable/valuable items insurance, Theft insurance, Events insurance, Common business insurance, Workers' compensation, Public liability insurance, Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, Volunteer insurance, Building insurance.

What types of insurance are in New Zealand?

In New Zealand are many types of insurance cover, but the main are: house insurance; contents insurance; motor vehicle insurance; life insurance; health insurance; travel insurance; business insurance.

There are a few types of personal insurance in New Zealand:

Having the right insurance could protect your health or save money someday. House insurance, Contents insurance, EQC insurance, motor vehicle or car insurance, life insurance; health insurance, travel insurance.

There are a few types of business insurance in New Zealand:

Having the right insurance could save your business someday. Property insurance, Vehicle insurance, Professional liability insurance, Public liability insurance, Business continuation insurance, Key person insurance, Professional liability insurance, Shareholder protection insurance.


  1. Every time I go to Japan, I get International Medical Group coverage for Medical. Unlike other travel medical insurances, this doesn't do the whole pay out front and then reimburse you when you return home. This covers you during your trip. They have several levels of coverage with copay and some without copay and depending on all you choose, along with the duration of your travel, is how much you pay. It is very affordable and has never let me down. Covers you from the common cold to emergency surgery if needed. You can get the info of all the clinics and hospitals where you can use the insurance in the area you'll be visiting through their web site. You can print it out ahead of your trip, or look it up during your trip.
  2. Years ago, I never bought travel insurance for my trips to Ireland or London. Being older now and with some medical issues, I bought travel insurance for my last 3 trips to Ireland or the UK. Since I'll be away only 2 weeks, the cost is around $100 US or less. Haven't had any medical problems while on holiday; it was best to be protected.
  3. Hi, a few months ago (almost a year now) I had an accident and it was my fault. I had my vehicle towed and the insurance paid for most of the issues that happened in that accident. I'm planning to get a used cheap car.
    I'm 21 from Blackpool and I can no longer share the same insurance with my family. Where are I ca buy car insurance? Where are the best car insurance deals UK ?
  4. The UK is so expensive! As a 35 year old with a clean driving record in New Zealand I pay about NZD $120 per year (equivalent of £62.93 per year - yes annually is correct!) to insure a 2001 Toyota Camry 2.2 for third party fire and theft. Car is parked on a residential street, they have no interest in how far I drive annually (which is just as well as in a country with fewer people we think nothing of driving 100+ miles to see family in another city) but I think the excess doubles for drivers under 25.