Inexpensive Fragrance for Men FM 472

Inexpensive Fragrances for Men FM 472
Perfume for man at low price PURE 472. The scent of this perfume is similar to the scent of Creed Aventus perfume. Woody perfume with a fruity note.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: bergamot, blackcurrant, lime;
Heart notes: apple, pineapple, rosemary, elemi resin;
Base notes: musk, patchouli, cedar.

Fragrance family: woody.
Type: expressive, luxurious

Capacity: 50 ml.
Fragrance: 20%.
Code: 100472

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  1. Anonymous19:18

    This is a modern, classic perfume. A nice fruity scent with dominant pineapple. The smell is unique with very good quality, very natural. A truly superb fragrance and a permanent addition to my shelf. Excellent sillage and longevity.