Unique Floral Oriental Perfume Unisex FM 942


FM 942 perfume smells like Hermes Twilly d’Hermes dupe

PURE Royal 942 perfume. Fragrance is a  spicy, warm and unique. Here the ginger pairs with a soft and creamy tuberose. A beautiful white flowers queen with a fresh spicy twist. This stage is so bright and also comforting.
Then mandarin gives a little tartness, which deepens the start and leads you to the flowers. Later, the flowers shift between creamy and powdery for a while and then the woody base unfolds. This perfume for lovers of spicy and warm fragrances. The fragrance long lasting and seems versatile enough for any season.
What does FM 942 perfume smells like? The scent of this FM perfume is similar to the scent of Twilly perfume. FM floral perfume with an oriental note for woman and man.

Federico Mahora 942 perfume notes: 
Top notes: ginger, yellow mandarin, orange blossom
Heart notes: jasmine, patchouli, violet
Base notes: tuberose, musk, sandalwood

Fragrance family: perfume floral.
Type: playful, unique, joyful.
FM 942 inspired by Hɘrmes 
Capacity: 50 ml.
Fragrance: 20%.
Code: 170942
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