Long-Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick

A perfect matte effect that will stay on your lips for multiple hours. The ultra-light formula not only guarantees a perfect, intensive matte finish but also does not overburden the lips, ensuring an

Oriental Floral Perfume for Women FM 809

PURE Royal 809
PURE Royal 809 oriental fragrance for her. This is perfume as symphony, with various strains and notes coming in and out of focus as the music goes on. Amazing at a night out, especially in winter

Magnetic Oriental Woody Perfume for Men FM 815

PURE Royal 815
PURE Royal 815 oriental fragrance for him. The perfume is a bold, sweet, magnetic and vibran. Perfect for the mid fall, early spring and all of winter. Sillage is moderate. Not aggressive and not that

Food Supplement Anti-Cellulite

What are the causes of cellulite?
An innovative response to the contemporary problem affecting not only women but also men – so-called orange skin. It works on two levels, both interfering at the source of the problem and eliminating its negative effects. Carefully selected plant extracts facilitate the detoxification of the

Ruby Solid Parfum

Ruby Solid Parfum
This is a unique marriage of precious fragrances in the form of a cream, which is a source of an exceptional experience caressing your senses. A luxurious combination in which jasmine, rockrose