Tobacco and Mandarin in Perfume Bottle FM 949


FM 949 perfume smells like Tobacco Mandarin Byredo dupe

PURE Royal 949 unisex perfume. This perfume is a harmonious fusion of rich tobacco and zesty mandarin notes. Discover the alluring and captivating scent of mandarin and tobacco perfume.
The warm, enveloping notes of tobacco blend seamlessly with the bright and refreshing mandarin, creating a well-balanced and intriguing scent. This fragrance is a complex interplay of elements, with a hint of sweetness and a touch of spice, making it truly distinctive.
This fragrance is suitable for cold seasons, making FM 949 perfume an ideal choice for autumn and winter time. During the cooler months, the warmth of tobacco adds a cozy and comforting element, while the mandarin evokes memories of summer. The tobacco base adds an elegant and sensual touch, making perfume perfect for formal events or romantic evenings.
FM 949 perfume can appeals to both men and women who seek a unique and balanced scent, making it an excellent addition to any perfume collection. The fragrance is made to leave a indelible impression. 
What does FM fragrance 949 smell like? The scent of this FM perfume is similar to the scent of Tobacco Mandarin perfume. FM 949 floral perfume with an oriental note for woman and man.

Federico Mahora 949 perfume notes:
  • Top notes: juniper berry, mandarin, coriander leaf, cumin
  • Heart notes: olibanum, tobacco, orris, labdanum
  • Base notes: sandalwood, leather, vanilla, amber dry
Fragrance family: floral.
Type: unique, attractive.
FM 949 inspired by Tobacco Mandarin
Capacity: 50 ml.
Fragrance: 20%.
Code: 170949
Price: 34.00 £   FM 949 perfume smells like Tobacco Mandarin Byredo dupe

FM 949 inspired by Tobacco Mandarin dupe.