Woody Gourmand Perfume for Women and Men FM 910

FM 910 smells like MFK Bacarat Rouge 540 dupe
PURE Royal 910 woody fragrance. It's sweet, it's gourmand, but only at first, then it turns into something penetrating and musky at the core that is both totally unisex and totally classic.
The projection is strong for the first four hours and calms a bit down in the dry down. The sillage is perfect and the longevity is out of this world.
What does FM 910 perfume smell like? The scent of this perfume is similar to the scent of Baccarat  perfume. Woody fragrance with a gourmand note.

Federico Mahora 910 perfume notes:
Top notes: jasmine, saffron
Heart notes: balsam fir, cedarwood
Base notes: cashmere wood, ambergris, moss, brown sugar

Fragrance family: woody perfume.
Type: dry, flavored with a hint of sweetness.
FM 910 inspired by Rouge 540
Capacity: 50 ml.
Fragrance: 20%.
Code: 170910
Price: 31.00 £   Buy from FM World UK fm baccarat rouge 540

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