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Generally unusual stories begin with a statement describing that at the very beginning there was an idea. However, in the case of the FM World this would not be entirely true. Honesty demands, that to properly describe this firm’s history, it must be said that, at the very beginning there were at least a few revolutionary ideas that in a very short time translated into a huge international success story. Would you like to know how this has been done? Please read on. FM register

FM World Perfumes Fragrances Scents

Although relatively new to the market this firm can already claim; WE ARE THE LEADERS. When Artur Trawiński registered FM World Poland in September 2004, success was already in the air literally because his own family (whom have a strong history in the perfume industry) invested into the perfumery. Beautiful fragrances were the perfect choice: thousands of people buy perfumes all over the world. Initially FM World offered 50 elegant and lasting fragrances. It, however, became apparent very quickly that its offerings needed to be increased – today in its catalogue you can find 190 of the most fascinating scents in the world including ones enriched with pheromones. FM fragrances list and FM perfume list.
However, a brilliant, fast selling product is not enough to succeed in this great and most demanding of markets. FM World decided on exclusivity and smell – a combination of these two factors allowed for creation of an ideal product. It is worth to mention here that most of the popular and widely used fragrances on the market are Eau de Toilette's with an average 6% of perfume added. FM Group products contain 20%-30% perfume concentrate.

Federico Mahora Perfumes Collection

The PURE ROYAL collection contains regal fragrances for women and men (Pure Royal perfumes women and Pure Royal perfume men), which thanks to a high perfume concentration stay on your skin for an incredibly long time. Their sophisticated bottle design will amaze you with its timeless elegance. Discover absolutely new, captivating accords and experience the beauty of aristocratic elegance.

The PHEROMONE collection (pheromone perfume for women and pheromone perfume for men) has been created to boost your confidence and attract more attention to you. Pheromones, when combined with the most exquisite scents, they ensure you stand out from the crowd and become the master of seduction. With these perfumes you’ll leave no one in doubt! Pheromones are odourless substances added to perfume to reinforce their stimulating effect. Pheromones are the secret weapon, with a mission to boost attractiveness and self-confidence. Seduction has never been so easy!

The INTENSE collection (intense perfumes for woman and intense perfumes for man) is a powerful experiences that intensify with every passing hour. You can enjoy the Intense Perfume for an incredibly long time with up to 30% of fragrance concentration.

The PURE collection (pure perfumes for woman and pure perfumes for man). Perfumes have remarkable power. They work like magic. To surround ourselves with the magical mist of unbelievable experience FM World reach for a bottle of perfume. But FM World decided to take a step forward and created a unique line of perfumed products. Thanks to PURE HOME, unique fragrances will be with you during your everyday tasks. From now on simple household tasks will become a real pleasure, and the whole house will be filled with a charming smell.

The CLASSIC collection Fragrances have accompanied us since time immemorial. They say a lot about the person that wears them – emphasising their personality and providing an insight into their taste and nature. Choosing from the exceptional combinations, you will certainly find those that will simply be yours. Allow yourself to be seduced by iconic fragrances in their classic version. All about perfume.

FM Products Body Care

There are few groups of body products listed on the FM World UK website. Each body care is specifically designed for the specific needs and desires of the customer.
FM World has excellent body care products in their Body Care line. You will find body balms and shower gels, antiperspirant and perfumed body care products, hair and face oils that are like liquid gold. This luxurious offering is meant to give you pleasure every time you use it. The oils provide moisture, rejuvenation, and regeneration to give you skin with an impeccable appeal. Needless to say, your hair will be silky smooth and shiny.

Federico Mahora Makeup Products

Make up has been known since antiquity. It plays many different roles corresponding to the changing nature of women. Sometimes it helps to highlight your beauty and add confidence, other times it is used to create a completely new image, matching your mood and the circumstances. Thanks to the fantastic FM MAKEUP products, your look will be in line with the latest trends. Do not be afraid to experiment – play with colours and turn the makeup application routine into oodles of fun.

FM Products Food Supplements

All FM World company actions are motivated primarily by your needs. We live in incredibly intense times – stress, fatigue and pollution are our inevitable everyday companions. What is more, access to full-value, natural products is difficult, and the fast pace of life makes it easy for us to develop bad habits – irregular meals, little sleep and no physical activity. That is why FM World company take every effort to ensure that Nutricode food supplements allow you to regain the life balance, facilitating the proper functioning of your body. FM Nutricode

FM Products For Home

Well-cared, clean and nicely smelling house is a place where we want to come back. To make cleaning a real pleasure (smart and clean drain clear granules), we created a modern SMART & CLEAN brand. It is the highest quality and a synonym of modern approach to home care. With professional products you can easily get your home tidy and clean. Striving for perfection has never been so easy.

Any Risks in Using FM Products?

There are no risks associated with using the products. They are tested for safety and you can rest assured of this. However, once you buy the products, you have to use them as directed. For example, supplements must be taken in the dosage that is recommended. If you fail to follow the recommendation, you will be more likely to suffer side effects. Therefore, you will determine your risk level and when used correctly, FM World products will give you the desired results all the time.

Using essences of the most widely used producers in the world and releasing fragrances with high concentrations of perfume has given FM World UK its renown not only amongst the lovers of beautiful fragrances but also amongst the most demanding of connoisseurs.
Shortening of the sales pathway to the client using direct selling methods means that the advertising and distribution costs are reduced to a minimum. This allows FM products to maintain a very attractive unit price, which would be impossible to achieve with traditional sales methods. FM World is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells cosmetics, perfumes, body care and other products. Make money without a hard job.

FM GROUP WORLD UK acts as a club offering its members the highest quality products at unrepeatably low prices. This is FM company greatest success and it is based on trust and collaboration and this is why in firm special emphasis is placed on communication.


  1. Hey, I see that there is a new catalog. There are a new numbers but i find no fragrances.
  2. Do you think there is anything relatively similar to Atyab Al Sheekh - Remember Me

    (Fragrance top notes: Roses, wood, apple, sulfuric aromatherapy
    Heart of fragrance: Ceylon, kashmiran and tonka beans
    Fragrance base: amber, musk, gayak wood)
  3. Just a quick question has D&G the one always been 147 and trussadi Donna 355?
  4. Hi, new to group how do I buy a sample pack for customers to sell.
    • Hello, the sample package is not in sell on UK webshop.
  5. As a Make-Up Artist I was looking for best quality make-up products for myself and my clients. And I was so delighted when I discovered FM World! It's so easy to work with these products, results are wonderful and the price is fantastic! I love that it's all mineral, so it also can improve your skin condition and protect from damage and ageing. Combined with FM skin care products: Beta-Glucan Active, Gold Regenesis, Aloe Vera, you will look younger and feel fantastic!!! Since I started using FM Products I have no skin problems. I am very happy, always smiling and enjoying this beautiful life.