Oriental Perfumes

Oriental Perfumes
Inspiring oriental smells take us to the land of sensual experiences. We can find in them, among others, warm, seductive notes of jasmine, incense, vanilla and spices.
Fragrances associated with Far East countries, reminiscent of exotic trips,
mysterious places and intriguing situations. Perfect for daring and sensual women.
Particularly intense, powerful and provocative fragrances which stimulate imagination. Ideal for autumn and winter days and special occasions. This is how self-confident men smel.
Oriental Pure perfumes for women:
Oriental luxury and PURE Royalperfumes for women:
Oriental Pure perfumes for men:
FM 52FM 64FM 224FM 458FM 459FM 465FM 466FM 468, FM 470, FM 471, FM 475, FM 476
Oriental luxury and PURE Royal perfumes for men:
FM 199FM 301FM 302FM 325FM 326FM 328FM 335FM 336, FM 812, FM 813, FM 815

Utique Perfumes:
502001 (Black), 502002 (Gold), 502003 (Ruby), 502006 (Muffin)

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