Oriental Feminine Fragrance FM 404

FM 404 Group PURE Perfume
FM 404 oriental perfume for unique and sensual woman. It's nice and cosy scent but sexy at the same time. A warm skin scent, nice for warm autumn days. This perfume similar smells, how to Dolce & Gabbana The One Desire. FM 404 PURE is perfume with a bouquet of intense and intoxicating notes to create an opulent and deeply feminine fragrance.

Fragrance notes:
Top notes: lychee, lily of the valley, tangerine;
Heart notes: tuberose;
Base notes: sandal wood, musk.

Fragrance family: oriental.

Capacity: 50 ml.
Fragrance: 20%.
Code FM 404


  1. Anonymous08:56

    Such a nice, deep fragrance. I tried it on three days in a row before finally caving in and buying it. I tried to convince myself that I have enough sweet perfumes, but this one is sweet in its own way, so it's rather unique. This is so sweet and perfect for a warm summer night out with that special person.

    1. Anonymous14:12

      It's sweet but not a thick. It would be perfect for anyone who loves a gourmand and caramel. This feels very appropriate for winter and cold days.