Oriental Floral Scent Perfume for Her FM 101

FM 101 perfume smells like Giorgio Armani Armani Code dupe
FM 101 perfume by Federico MahoraThis perfume has a luxurious and unforgettable fragrance that exudes elegance and sophistication. The scent can be described as a modern oriental fragrance with a unique wild blend of notes.
The top notes of perfume feature a harmonious combination of bitter orange and spicy ginger, providing a fresh and spicy opening. As the fragrance develops, the heart notes of incense and lavender add a touch of sensuality and warmth. Finally, the base notes of honey and vanilla give a creamy and sweet undertone that lingers on the skin.
Its rich and deep aroma makes FM 101 perfume particularly fitting for cooler seasons like fall and winter when it can enhance the cozy and intimate atmosphere. However, it can also be worn during spring and summer evenings, adding an air of sophistication to special events or romantic outings.
This fragrance harmonizes well with chic and refined fashion an outfit, enhancing your overall style and leaving a lasting impression. This unforgettable fragrance is designed for a confident and sophisticate woman.
What does FM 101 perfume smells like? This perfume similar smells, how to Code. FM 101 perfume smells like rich oriental perfume with a floral note, fall winter perfumes

Federico Mahora 101 perfume notes:
  • Top notes: orange blossom, pear;
  • Heart notes: ginger, incense;
  • Base notes: sandal wood, vanilla, honey, musk.
Fragrance family: oriental perfume.
Type: sophisticated, unforgettable
FM 101 inspired by Code
Capacity: 50 ml.
Fragrance: 20%.
Code: 100101
Price: 24.00 £   FM 101 perfume smells like Giorgio Armani Code dupe

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FM 101 inspired by Giorgio Armani Armani Code dupe