Utique Luxury Shower Gel Oud & Rose

Close your eyes and let the magnetic combination of oud and rose notes take you away. It is a feast for your skin and it will pay you back with a wonderful look.
Luxury UTIQUE shower gels will turn your bath into a fascinating experience that pampers your senses. Thanks tao innovative ingredients, they greatly improve the appearance of the skin, leaving it
silky smooth while the seductive fragrance compositions have a soothing effect and make you blissfully relaxed. Give yourself a moment of unforgettable pleasure with luxurious UTIQUE shower gels.
Biohydration Plus is a unique formula, specifically selected for FM WORLD to make the skin immediately moisturised for a long time. Thanks to its advanced technology, the product has a comprehensive effect that ensures immediate regeneration and relief. Additionally, it prevents water loss, thus protecting the skin from drying.
WhitesenseTM is a precious extract from the white flowers of the Provence rose (Rosa centifolia L.), jasmine (Jasminum officinale L.) and common daisy (Bellis perennis L.), which immediately makes the body silky smooth and extremely soft. The presence of WhitesenseTM in UTIQUE luxury gels guarantees exceptional and sensual experience that will make you feel just right.

Capacity: 200 ml.
Code: 502014

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