Tom Ford Perfumes and Colognes List

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About Tom Ford perfume brand. Tom Ford is an American fashion designer and film director. The first fragrance produced under this alliance, Black Orchid (2006) was an immediate success.
A series of successful fragrances for men and women have since been launched, along with a prestige line, Tom Ford Private Blend, whose first fragrance was Purple Patchouli in 2007.
Tom Ford perfume dupes. FM perfumes list for women and Federico Mahora perfumes list for men. Where can I buy Tom Ford perfume online? Tom Ford perfume expiration date. All Tom Ford perfumes list.

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Black Orchid Perfumes collection:

Black Orchid for women 2006
Black Orchid Voile de Fleur for women 2007
Black Orchid Oud for women 2012
Velvet Orchid for women 2014
Black Orchid Eau de Toilette for women 2015 
Black Orchid Perfume Lalique Edition for women 2016
Orchid Soleil for women 2016
Velvet Orchid Lumière for women 2016
Black Orchid Hair Mist for women 2017
Black Orchid Eau de Toilette (2023) for women 2023 
Black Orchid Parfum unisex 2020

Grey Vetiver Perfumes collection:

Grey Vetiver for men 2009
Grey Vetiver Parfum for men 2023

Jardin Noir Perfumes collection:

Jonquille de Nuit unisex 2012
Lys Fume unisex 2012
Ombre de Hyacinth unisex 2012

Noir Perfumes collection:

Noir Pour Femme for women 2015
Noir for men 2012
Noir Eau de Toilette for men 2013
Noir Extreme for men 2015
Noir Anthracite for men 2017
Noir Extreme Parfum for men 2022

Private Blend Perfumes collection:

Santal Blush for women 2011
Jasmin Rouge for women 2011
Soleil de Feu for women 2023
Beau de Jour for men 2019
Blend Amber Absolute 2007
Black Violet unisex 2007
Bois Rouge unisex 2007
Japon Noir unisex 2007
Moss Breches unisex 2007
Noir de Noir unisex 2007
Oud Wood unisex 2007
Purple Patchouli unisex 2007
Tobacco Vanille unisex 2007 Tom Ford perfume for winter
Tuscan Leather unisex 2007
Velvet Gardenia unisex 2007
Italian Cypress unisex 2008
Arabian Wood unisex 2009
Bois Marocain unisex 2009 - 2022
Champaca Absolute unisex 2009
Azure Lime unisex 2010
Lavender Palm unisex 2011
London unisex 2013
Oud Fleur unisex 2013
Tobacco Oud unisex 2013
Patchouli Absolu unisex 2014
Venetian Bergamot unisex 2015
Ombre Leather 16 unisex 2016 Tom Ford perfume best seller
Soleil Blanc unisex 2016
Fucking Fabulous unisex 2017
Oud Minérale unisex 2017
Oud Wood Intense unisex 2017
Vanille Fatale unisex 2017
Eau de Soleil Blanc unisex 2018
Fougère d’Argent unisex 2018
Fougère Platine unisex 2018
Lost Cherry unisex 2018 Tom Ford perfume best seller
Lavender Extreme unisex 2019
Soleil Neige unisex 2019
Tuscan Leather Intense unisex 2019 Tom Ford perfume best seller
Rose Prick unisex 2020
Bitter Peach unisex 2020
Tubéreuse Nue unisex 2021
Ébène Fumé unisex 2021
Soleil Blanc unisex 2021
Cherry Smoke unisex 2022
Electric Cherry unisex 2023

Private Blend Atelier d'Orient Perfumes collection:

Atelier d'Orient Shanghai Lily for women 2013
Atelier d’Orient Plum Japonais for women 2013
Atelier d’Orient Fleur de Chine unisex 2013
Atelier d’Orient Rive d’Ambre unisex 2013

Private Blend Les Extraits Vert Perfumes collection:

Vert Boheme unisex 2016
Vert d'Encens unisex 2016
Vert de Fleur unisex 2016
Vert des Bois unisex 2016

Private Blend Neroli Portofino collection:

Neroli Portofino unisex 2011
Costa Azzurra unisex 2014
Fleur de Portofino unisex 2015
Sole di Positano unisex 2017
Costa Azzurra Acqua unisex 2019
Fleur de Portofino Acqua unisex 2019
Sole Di Positano Acqua unisex 2019

Private Blend White Musk Perfumes collection:

White Musk Collection Jasmine Musk for women 2009
White Musk Collection Musk Pure for women 2009
White Musk Collection Urban Musk for women 2009
White Musk Collection White Suede for women 2009

Private Rose Garden Perfumes collection:

Rose D'Amalfi unisex 2022
Rose de Chine unisex 2022
Rose de Russie unisex 2022

Tom Ford's PRIVATE BLEND RESERVE collection:

Reserve Collection: Amber Absolute unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Arabian Wood unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Black Violet unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Bois Marocain unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Italian Cypress unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Jonquille de Nuit unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Rive d'Ambre unisex 2019
Reserve Collection: Velvet Gardenia unisex 2019

Tom Ford Resort Perfumes collection:

Eau de Jasmin Rouge for women 2021
Eau de Vert Boheme for women 2021

Tom Ford Signature Perfumes collection:

Tom Ford Black Orchid Black Orchid for women 2006
Tom Ford White Patchouli for women 2008
Tom Ford Violet Blonde for women 2011
Tom Ford Sahara Noir for women 2013
Tom Ford Metallique for women 2019
Tom Ford for Men for men 2007
Tom Ford for Men Extreme for men 2007
Tom Ford Beau De Jour Eau de Parfum for men 2020
Tom Ford Ombré Leather unisex 2018
Tom Ford Costa Azzurra clone unisex 2021
Tom Ford Ombre Leather dupe Parfum unisex 2021
Tom Ford Costa Azzurra dupe Parfum unisex 2022

Why is Tom Ford perfume so expensive?

Tom Ford is a luxury brand with a reputation for high-quality, stylish, and innovative products. The fragrances are often complex with a unique blend of notes that are carefully crafted by expert perfumers. Tom Ford perfumes are known for using high-quality, rare, and exotic ingredients.
The brand invests heavily in marketing and advertising campaigns that feature celebrities and high-profile models. These marketing efforts help build the brand's image but also add to the overall cost of the products.

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