Wood Perfumes

Wood Perfumes
Warm and rich notes of sandalwood, guayacan and cedar combined with patchouli oils and a bit harsh vetiver aroma create a refined group of scents to which it is hard to stay indifferent.
Sensual, mysterious, unconventional and elegant... a perfect representation of the family of woody fragrances. It also describes the women who choose it. For self-confident and self-assured women.
Romantic, mysterious, warm and noble woody aromas boost your trust in your capabilities. Stand out with a resin, forest aroma. Compositions dedicated to the elegant man.

Wood Pure perfumes for women:
Wood luxury perfumes for women:

Wood Pure perfumes for men:
FM 55FM 457FM 460FM 461FM 462FM 469, FM 472, FM 474, FM 477
Wood luxury perfumes for men:FM 151FM 152FM 160FM 195, FM 198FM 327FM 329FM 331FM 333FM 334

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