Pisces Perfume Horoscope

Pisces Perfume Horoscope
The sun passes through the sign of Pisces from February 20 to March 20. Pisces are incurable idealists and dreamers. Compassionate and selfless. Artistic souls endowed with intuition. They love everything that exists on the earth. Fragrances which can match Pisceans' sensitivity and emotional character will be the ideal choice for Pisces. Magical places on your body for perfumes are your feet.
Magical scent notes: orchid, jasmine, apple, orange, lotus, pink pepper maple tree, passion fruit, olive tree, cedar.
Fragrance families for Pisces: floral, oriental, water
Recommended FM fragrances:
Perfume for Pisces women: 98101177296317355359361363414, 434, 439, 440701
Perfume for Pisces men:  5257301328451466468476

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