Capricorn Perfume Horoscope

Capricorn Perfume Horoscope
The sun passes through the sign of Capricorn from December 22 to January 20. Capricorn is a precision and accuracy. Very stubborn and persistent. He lives under his own rights. Loves to explore old places and things. A real archaeologist, mystic and wizard. Personality, born under this zodiac sign, have enviable persistence, and, not infrequently, and stubbornness in achieving the objectives. Magical place on your body for the perfumes is you sensitive nose.
Magical scent notes: orchid, rose, jasmine, peony, vanilla, patchouli, iris, cedar wood.
Fragrance families for Capricorn: wood, floral
Recommended FM fragrances:
Perfume for Capricorn women: 21, 81, 183, 281, 291, 298, 320, 352, 353, 358, 365, 401, 414, 416, 422, 428, 443, 703
Perfume for Capricorn men: 151, 160, 302, 334, 457, 460, 472

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