Mix and Match Powder and Multifunctional Concealer

Face powder for the Federico Mahora Mix & Match palette. With a facial powder you can hide irregularities, make your skin look less shiny and wrinkles become less visible.
This face powder ensures that your skin does not shine during the day. It is suitable for applying directly to the skin, but also to use over your foundation. The powder is best to be applied with a large powder brush. The powder is available in different skin tones, from a porcelain tint to a warm brown tone.

Price: 10.90 £    Buy from FM World UK

Multifunctional Concealer, when applied to the skin it makes all imperfections disappear immediately. It has a creamy texture and perfect composition. It is multi-functional. You can use it on the entire face and because it does not contain drying agents it is perfect for concealing dark circles under the eyes.

Rape Pearl
Code: 601309
Price: 7.90 £    Buy from FM World UK

Light Peach
Code: 601310
Price: 7.90 £    Buy from FM World UK

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