Food Supplement Colostrum Extra Immunity

Food Supplement Colostrum Extra Immunity
Includes first cow’s milk (colostrum) and spirulina extracted from sea algae, which support the proper functioning of the immune system. Recommended primarily to people exposed to mental and physical stress, overworked, overtired wanting to get quick immunity support.
Sophisticated composition perfectly supporting immunity:
• lactoferrin provides infants with nutrients and antibacterial protection
• proline-rich polypeptides (PRP) support the development of the immune system
• protein includes essential amino acids that are important building material for the immune system
• immunoglobulins alleviate the course of systemic diseases and support active immunity in terms of protection against infections
• vitamin B6, C and D and zinc contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system
• spirulina is characterised by a high content of complete protein, micro-nutrient in organic form, including valuable γ-linolenic fatty acid (GLA) and bioavailable iron.

Take 1 tablet in the morning and evening with water. 

Capacity: 19.4 g, 22.2 g.
Code: 801034
Price: 60.00 £    Buy from FM World UK

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