Food Supplement Healthy Bones Gummies

Food Supplement Healthy Bones Gummies
Supplementation for the entire family. An excellent source of vitamin D. For healthy teeth and strong
bones. Delicious citrus flavour.

What do we owe to vitamin D?
  • the correct level of calcium in our blood
  • strong bones and healthy teeth
  • effective functioning of our muscles
  • correct functioning of the immune system
  • more efficient cell division process
  • appropriate absorption of calcium and phosphorus
For whom? For children who are still growing rapidly and need reinforcement for their teeth and bones, and for adults with a vitamin D deficiency.

Children of up to four years of age: Take 1 gummy per day.
Adults: Take 3 gummies per day.
30 lemon-flavoured gummies for children and adults.
Capacity: 66 g.
Code: 801019

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