What Effect does the Warm and Cold Skin Temperature has on Perfume Smell?

Everybody has a unique skin properties and skin odour. Having applied on the skin, the scent of the perfume is subject to heating and thus the composition created by a perfumer mixes with the natural body odour. Thus, the final result depends not only on the efforts of the perfumer, but also on the
distinct properties of each person’s skin.
One of the most important factors is the temperature of your skin. The normal human body temperature is about 36.6°C, but the temperature of the surface of the skin may be completely different. Thus, the perfume will smell different if applied on warm skin and cold skin.
Warm skin is usually denser and/or darker. Such skin is prone to redness and inflammation. It burns easily in the sun. People with warm skin frequently have increased blood pressure and their hands are usually warm. Applied on such skin, the fragrances quickly warm up and evaporate. Most often, people with such skin type have difficulty in smelling head (top) notes (i.e. citrus scents) because they quickly disappear from the surface of such skin. These people should draw their attention to the base notes because they will last the longest and it will be the perfume which they will smell best. If you have a warm skin and you do not like the base notes, do not buy such perfume because you will keep on smelling them.
The fragrances that contain patchouli, wood, sandalwood, coffee, caramel and chocolate will perfectly suit on warm skin. However, if the scent of the perfume contains musk and aldehyde compositions, you should study it more carefully and only than acquire it.
Low blood pressure and weakness are usually the signs of cold skin. If your hands are often cold, they are not prone to redness and inflammations, and you usually do not get sunburned easily, then your skin is likely to fall into this category. Longer fragrance disclosure and long lasting on the skin are characteristic to this type of skin. The top notes smell for more than 10–15 minutes and sometimes even up to an hour. If you have a cold skin and you do not like the fragrance from the first smell – do not buy it because you will smell unpleasant scents for a long time.
The aromas containing fruit, berry, citrus fruit, grass and water notes will perfectly smell on cold skin. While sharp, powdery, as well as resin and patchouli scents can smell unpredictably on cold skin.
The most common skin type is a combination skin. People having this skin type can experiment with various fragrance compositions.
The most significant thing when choosing a fragrance is an interesting journey through the world of fragrances, having many interesting meetings with different scents. Finding a perfect scent that suits you best equals a blessing. And this scent of perfume becomes your ideal friend that accompany you in everyday life.

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