Food Supplement Depurcontrol

Food Supplement Depurcontrol
A unique product, in terms of its form and effects, containing perfectly combined ingredients that facilitate physiological diuresis and, in consequence, help remove excess water when necessary along with the waste products of metabolism. The phenolic acids and flavonoids present in common
dandelion root and birch bark facilitate the correct functioning of the kidneys and liver and help maintain metabolic processes at the optimum level. Similar effects are ensured by the active compounds occurring in cat's whiskers (orthosiphon) and field horsetail extracts, which facilitate the removal of urine along with all the waste products of metabolism.
Perfectly combined plant extracts with detoxifying effects:
  • birch bark extract removes toxins from the body and facilitates the elimination of excess water from the body
  • field horsetail extract effectively removes excess urates, regulates and facilitates the body's water management processes
  • cat's whiskers (orthosiphon) leaf is one of the oldest medicinal plants; it is a diuretic
  • common dandelion root extract excellently facilitates the functioning of the liver and gall bladder, helps remove toxins from the body and positively affects the digestive processes
The problem of water retention may affect people of all ages. It may be caused by the insufficient quantity of fluids taken during the day. Other factors that may contribute to water retention include: hormones, heat waves, bad diet or staying in one position for a long time. Frequently, changing your habits alone is not enough to successfully cope with that problem. Depurcontrol is the solution. This first-rate food supplement contains everything you need in your unequal fight with swelling caused by excess water in your body. It contains natural plant extracts that have diuretic and detoxifying effects and restore the body's natural balance bringing back a great mood, healthy appearance and, most of all, good health.

Capacity: 480 ml.
Code: 801016

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