Food Supplement Inner Balance

Food Supplement Inner Balance
Food supplement Inner Balance maintains the acid-base balance, source of crucial microelements. Monthly day-night system, 24-hour care to maintain the acidbase balance of the body.
Dayinstant sachets – lemon flavour. Nutricode Inner Balance has been based on a Rosa Centifolia flower extract, which supports physiological processes of metabolic waste products elimination and helps to maintain the acid-base balance. Zinc favourably affects the functioning of the immune system and protects cells from oxidative stress, and along with calcium, it helps to maintain healthy bones. Magnesium and iron affect the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, whereas potassium and copper support the proper functioning of the nervous system. Nettle herb extract supports elimination of water from the body. Dissolve the sachet content in 200 ml of water. Take 1 sachet 2 times a day.
Night capsules. Night capsules, which contain lemon balm extract and hops, facilitate falling asleep, and by providing the proper sleep they contribute to further de-acidification of the body.

Take 2 capsules a night. Follow with drinking plenty of water (at least 1 glass).
Capacity: 240 g. + 30 g.
Code: 801001

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