Anti-Ageing Gel Toner ot1

FM Group ot1 Anti-Ageing Gel Toner
Luxurious cosmetic designed for mature skin. Its mild alcohol-free formula restores the right pH value activating skin’s protective functions. Contains colloidal gold that eliminates wrinkles, and combined with hyaluronic acid provides proper moisture level of the skin. Resveratrol and vitamin E contained in the toner protect against adverse influence of external factors. Rose water soothes and restores a youthful radiance of the skin. 
Reduces existing wrinkles and prevents the formation of the new ones • stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis taking care of the proper tension of the skin • ensures proper moisturisation • enables active ingredients to penetrate deeper layers of epidermis ensuring intense nourishment • eliminates discolouration • restores the skin’s natural radiance and vitality • activates natural immune system of the skin.

Capacity: 150 ml.
Code: ot1

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