Natural Warm Body Butter

FM Group bs1 Natural Warm Body Butter
Natural warm body butter with cherry & chocolate. Made of highest quality natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and sweet almond oil that regenerate the skin and prevent it from water loss. Nourishing shea butter intensely moisturises and soothes, and also protects from activity of external factors and delays ageing process. Natural beeswax contained in the butter rebuilds lipid layer of the epidermis making the skin smooth, elastic and pleasant to the touch. The flame of the candle turns the cosmetic into a warm aromatic massage oil. Light the wick and wait until the butter starts to melt. Then blow out the flame and make sure that the temperature of the cosmetic is not too high. Use to massage the body, hands and feet applying directly to the skin or to the hand first. Leave the rest of the cosmetic in the jar until it sets and it will be ready for the next application. To be applied warm.

Capacity: 65 g.
Code: bs1

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