Luxury Hand Wash Fig Leaves

Luxury Hand Wash Fig Leaves
The extraordinary scent of fig leaves will wrap your hands in an intriguing net of fragrance notes.
The Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) is a group of substances naturally present in the skin. They ensure proper moisture levels in the corneal layer of the epidermis. UTIQUE Luxury Hand Wash was enriched with a unique Biohydration Plus™ complex, which perfectly mimics the NMF, leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth in texture.
  • it froths perfectly, embracing your hands with its velvety foam, which gently cleanses your hands without leaving the skin dry
  • four captivating fragrance compositions leave your skin smelling refreshed and feeling relaxed
  • the innovative Biohydration Plus™ complex, specifically selected for FM WORLD, provides great care of your hands, making them pleasantly moisturised
  • its innovative formula makes it a perfect choice for any skin type.
Capacity: 300 ml
Code: 502038
Price: 16.50 £   Buy from FM World UK

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