Food Supplement Vitamins for Him

Food Supplement Vitamins for Him
A unique dietary supplement developed specifically for men. An innovative combination of carefully selected ingredients will offer comprehensive support in looking after your health and will have positive effect on your sexual performance. This perfect composition provides vitamins and minerals
essential for the proper functioning of the body. Thanks to the tribulus terrestris extract, the supplement regulates the level of testosterone, hence improves sexual potency. VITAMINS FOR HIM improves physical, intellectual and sexual fitness.
Men’s Ally
Testosterone is one of the key male hormones. It plays a vital role in various bodily functions. It not only increases sexual drive but it also affects the increase of muscle mass and strengthens bones. A testosterone shortage results in a diminished libido, reduced muscle and skeletal mass and even lowers the mood and ability to concentrate! In order to provide a suitable amount of nutritive components to the body, it is vital to understand what it needs. The VITAMINS FOR HIM composition design was a lengthy and diligent process so that the resulting preparation could satisfy the male demand for vitamins and minerals to the best possible extent. Thanks to VITAMINS FOR HIM men can now enjoy an excellent bodily condition and a full sexual life.
Natural Vitality
Tribulus terrestris is a unique plant used in Chinese and Indian medicine for thousands of years. It is a particularly appreciated for its body strengthening properties. It is especially important for men because it regulates testosterone synthesis with the body by which it contributes to an increased libido and intensification of sexual experiences. Tribulus terrestris extract is an herbal extract which has beneficial effect on the entire body.
Perfect Composition of Vitamins, Minerals and Plant Extracts:
  • tribulus terrestris* boosts sexual desire and is a perfect supporter of sexual performance
  • zinc helps to maintain proper acid-base balance and adequate testosterone level in blood
  • thiamine efficiently supports the functioning of the nervous system and the heart
  • pantothenic acid quickly and effectively eliminates the sense of fatigue and exhaustion and helps to maintain intellectual performance at an adequate level
  • vitamin D regulates the proper concentration of calcium in the blood, ensures healthy teeth and bones as well as boosts the immune system
Capacity: 2 x 30 coated tablets
Code: 801010

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