Libra Perfume Horoscope

Libra Perfume Horoscope
The sun passes through the sign of Libra from September 24 to October 23. Libra is a real lawyer or judge. Very fair and sensual. Looks for balance, love and happiness in life. Always objective and devoted to friends. Libra, ruled by Venus, is the most approachable of all air signs, balancing elegance, wit, and mischief with legendary skill. Charming and idealistic, Libra is the peacemaker, seeking harmony among everyone.
Magical place on your body for the perfumes is your back.
Magical scent notes: passion fruit, maple tree, vanilla, pear, musk, anise, oak moss, lavender, tobacco, ginger.
Fragrance families for Libra: oriental, fougere
Recommended FM fragrances:
Perfume for Libra women: 2998142173177354366367412417, 429, 442
Perfume for Libra men: 435468189300332464465, 471477

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