FM Group bs03 Salt Body Scrub

FM Group bs03 Salt Body Scrub
FM Group bs03 salt body scrub Cherry blossom. Salt crystals contained in the scrub remove dead epidermis cells and the oily layer delicately oils the skin. Thanks to strong scrubbing action of the crystals, the scrub stimulates micro-circulation and cleanses epidermis of toxins, and additionally, mineral ingredients included in the salt will improve the condition of the skin. Salt crystals gently cleanse and smooth the skin to make it velvety smooth and pleasant to the touch. Mild oil moisturises and slightly oils the body. Cherry blossom is a sunny scent of joy associated with early spring. Its subtle captivating aroma relaxes and brings good mood. In Japan cherry blossom is a symbol of passing beauty.

Capacity: 250 ml.
Code: bs03

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